Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sanjaya Strips

Last night was pretty dreadful on American Idol, though Jordin's performance was the best of the year.

1. Quote of the night. Ryan Seacrest "When were looking for a country mentor for tonight, there was only one choice....."
I was thinking to myself...."Dolly Parton! They got Dolly!...or Reba....or....George Strait....
I really didn't think Martina McBride qualifies as "there was only one choice" material. She does have beautiful eyes though.
Phil- Sounded ok but man he is so spooky.
Jordin. Hope y'all are with me now. This is the week she becomes the front runner.
Sanjaya- well, um....he looked great. Where do I get that bandanna thingy? Bottom 3 this week.
Lakisha- bottom 3 with a dreadful take on Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel".
Chris- Not sure what the song was. He definitely sounded country. I just don't think America will relate to him this week. Bottom 3. I think he realized that he was in trouble and started pandering to the audience regarding the VT massacre victims. Not appropriate. Simon was right for rolling his eyes...though his reaction will be misinterpreted for sure...and his attempt at "fixing" at the end of the show was awkward to say the least.
Melinda- Another great "Vegas" style performance. The best was Simon asking her not to act "surprised" when he says that she was fantastic. Isn't it amazing how Simon really does say what we are all thinking at home?
Blake- Affected. Staged...and oh. Off key! Stop twirling aimlessly. The judges love you regardless but I don't buy it Blakey. Safe this week.

And now.....the reason you are here....
Sanjaya strips.


Biby Cletus said...

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Kendall said...

thank you for admitting that Sanjaya NEEDS to be in the bottom 3 this week. Now if you would just admit that he needs to GO HOME!

Steven said...

Someone's got to teach this girl how to dance and he'd look much better in boxer briefs. :-)

Kevin said...

I think I'm glad I can't see the videos here at work.

Dr. Sparky said...


There is a God.

Bobby said...

I stopped watching the show....

I am sticking with Dancing With the Stars... that little ice skating boy is CUTE!

btw, what is up with the guy in the wanna be Ginger from Gilligan's Island wig? I was bored until he started dancing sideways in the speedo!

Sorry Sanjaya was voted off Michael. But I like how you agreed with me that Jordin will win it.

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