Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tony Bennett and Sanjaya

Ok let's get the whole Sanjaya bashing thing off to a rip roaring start....since this week, like last week, and the week before that...he isn't going anywhere. Certainly not home.

You want to argue with Tony Bennett who is completely in line with my thoughts on Sanjaya?

“Shows up. He comes up with something every week. He’s very interesting. He’s got a sense of humor, and he sings very well.”

Somebody is voting for him. And let me make this clear. Though Howard Stern and votefortheworst.com would love to take credit for keeping Sanjaya in the competition and undermining the show, I doubt seriously if all the votes produced by a satellite radio guy and an internet site most Americans are not even aware of would even register as a blip on the voting radar screen.

As you can see by the article in the New York Post, Sanjaya-mania is a fact. Kids are trying to get his hair style and he is the most "googled" American Idol contestant bar none...from all seasons. Hmmmmm....sounds like a....pop idol!

Face it. We are in trouble if thirty and forty-something year old' popular music tastes are aligned with teenagers. Hard as it may be to fathom, if you are reading this.... you are probably old. Probably too old to understand that Sanjaya relates on some level to kids who actually dial the phone to vote for their favorites on the show. Yes folks, he may not sing perfectly. But he has a confidence about him that translates to star quality. Since when does singing alone make a pop star?
Remember what old people said the first time they heard a rap song? A hip- hop song? The Beatles? Elvis? Something like, "this isn't music" and maybe "what's with that hair?"
Young people do their own thing....sometimes it doesn't make sense to us oldsters. So as American Idol tries to attract more "adult" viewers by raising the age limits of it's contestants, I am glad that it looks like a young contestant might have a shot of winning...the way it should be. NOT Sanjaya. My hope is that seventeen year old Jordin Sparks wins this year. She is what the show should be about in my opinion. And an American Idol win for her can possibly do something meaningful for her career.

Which leads me to this....
What exactly will an American Idol win do for Melinda Doolittle? Land her a "plumb" position on the Jerry Lewis Telethon? Secure her a leading role in the broadway revival of "Ain't Misbehavin'? I don't mean to sound cynical but thank God that Jennifer Hudson lost American Idol. Her losing probably did more for her career than a win might have.

So you sit on your couch and applaud politely for the very talented, Vegas-ready older contestants, while the kids get on the phone to dial for their favorites....

......And all logic gets thrown to the wind.
The way it should be.


Paul said...

Bash. Bash. Bash.

Yes, I'm old. But not old enough to have liked Tony Bennet. I thought last night was pretty ho-hum.

Personally, I DON"T believe that Sanjaya has the balls or confidence to be a star in his own right. "What's Sanjaya going to do with his hair this week?" has become a excellent strategy. I doub't it is his idea; rather, I've got to believe that he is being molded by others.

* * * *

I do believe that Jordan is getting better every week. How did it end up that she was the same height as Ryan last night? Was he standing next to her on an apple crate?

* * * *

It will be interesting to see who makes the top five. My prediction is that Haley and Phil are the next two to go. (Duh!) Then, it'll become a real contest.

Kevin said...

I agree. I think Melinda would do better if she doesn't win Idol. It should be to help people who don't have that needed step into the "biz."

I would be perfectly happy if Jordin won. But despite Sanjaya being "adorable" -- he DOESN'T have that confidence. At least not on-stage. That's what kills me.

Despite being bold with his hair styles and costumes, he always looks like a deer in the headlights. Sure, the kids are voting, and sure kids and adult tastes differ, but there's more to being a pop star than your hair, isn't there? (And if you mention Leif Garrett, I'll smack you.)

Although you have to admit, Simon's critique last night was priceless -- "Let's try a different tactic: Amazing!"

Paul said...


Are you happy now?

Kendall said...

I agree with everything you said...EXCEPT the part about Sanjaya being able to sing. He is NOT a singer, does he have star potential...absolutely, would he be good on a sit-com, probably. But singer...NOPE!

Dr. Sparky said...

If I am old (and I am a tad older than all the contestants on Idol), you must be blogging from the grave.

I won't argue with you over Sanjaya. In less than a year's time, no one will give a rat's behind about the guy.

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