Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Introducing Joss Stone.....Again

I laughed my ass head off this morning watching VH1's Top 20 Countdown. There at number 20 was the "latest", "defining", and "groundbreaking" video from Joss Stone. "Tell Me 'Bout It" is the first single from her new CD- "Introducing Joss Stone" (though a better title might be "Reintroducing Joss Stone" or better yet "Take Joss Stone.....PLEASE!")
Have you heard of Joss? If so, you must watch gobs of VH1 because that is really the only place you can hear her music in the states. The video channel has tried relentlessly to shove this "teenage blue eyed soul queen" down our throats for the past 3 years though she has yet to take off. To me, she just doesn't sound authentic. A soul diva soul and I don't hear it in her music. Yes it is true she is a Grammy Award nominee and that one of her songs even landed in Billboard's top 10 for an ever so brief stint.
To that I say....hmmmmmmm.

I just find it amazing how VH1 sticks with Joss through thick and thin.
What a loyal beast.

I wish VH1 was my boyfriend.


NYCspinguy said...

They must own stock in her because they keep beating that dead horse.

Is she wearing shoes yet?

I am very loyal when it comes to my ladies, but when they put her on VH1 Divas I knew something was wrong!

Sorted said...

Joss who? I must live under a rock.

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