Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol- It Pays to be Pretty (Shitty)

According to American Idol predictions the 2 top men vote getters this week (meaning they are NOT going home) are Sanjaya Malakar (pretty) and Sundance Head (shitty).

For the women its of course Lakisha ("And I am telling you I am not going") Jones and um......Antonella Barba (pretty/shitty).

It looks like those that are just plain boring are going to get their walking papers tonight:
Men: Paul Kim (damn I want him to stay to satisfy my foot fetish), Nicholas Pedro (who?)
Women: Amy Krebs ("I can't make you love me, if you don't...." ....we don't), Alania Alexander ("I'm special...." you are not).

Apparently Paul Kim has wasted no time in thinking about his next career move. He got his shoes on and is hard at work here.


NYCspinguy said...

1) Where did you get this information?

2) If that information is accurate, the AI has big issues with voting security!

3) Sundance is just gross...

4) Sanjaya is keeping it real for the gay boys!

5) This season's elimination rounds will be easy if the talent stays as is.

6) Those voted off sounded just as bad tonight as before!

7) I look forward to your idol thoughts!

8)I miss you most of all!

Spider said...

Well fuck...

I just had to come over here and say that...

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