Monday, April 09, 2007

My inalienable right to win- Part 1

NO I did not win the championship. Not even close.
But, I did win matches.

The tournament- the fun stuff

This was the 4th GLTA tournament I have played in my life, and the second playing in the "C" division. I won my first two tournament matches ever- singles in two sets 6-3, 6-4. and doubles 6-3, 3-6, 10-7 tiebreaker. This was a huge improvement over my play just weeks ago at the Clay Court Classic in Fort Lauderdale which at the time inspired me to write this.
Also important-
I looked good. No let me emphasize I looked real good. I strutted into the tennis facility with the cool confidence of a pro wearing my Adidas outfit from head to toe. I could almost hear my imaginary handlers yelling,
"No pictures! PLEASE, no pictures!".

Here are the funniest moments/highlights of the weekend for me-
  • It seems everyone who plays tennis in the GLTA is named Michael.
  • My Doubles partner (Michael) is the quietest, nicest guy - and from what I learned this weekend, apparently very strong. We have been playing together for a couple of months now and we are a pretty good combination. I am a little crazy, he is a little dry, and we are both lefties which has the potential of driving our opponents nuts. Anyway, when we won our doubles match which was my first win....I was so taken with the moment that I ran to him and jumped into his arms, wrapped my legs around him right there on the court. I couldn't help myself I was so happy. I wouldn't let go and he actually walked me over to the net where I shook the hands of the guys we beat while he was holding me up. I laid my head on his shoulder and he had no choice other than to walk me off the court. His deadpan response? "Hmmmm...that was different."
  • After that I went into the locker room to get ready for my singles match I ran into another Adidas clothing whore (Michael) from Virginia. He looked at what I was wearing and said "Well, I tried on that outfit you are wearing but I kind of thought the coordinating stripes on the shirt and shorts were just too much." I couldn't help myself and fired back "Yes, I can see why you had second thoughts. You really need to be slim and athletic in order to make this outfit work." Bitchy, I know.
  • Day two was a much cooler weather wise. I decided to wear UnderArmour instead of Adidas because the fabric is thicker and warmer. Surely no one would notice. Wrong! On a changeover in between games during one of my matches, a cute player from Toronto (Michael) who was watching me yelled out "Hey you're not wearing Adidas! Aren't you going to lose your endorsement?" I guess he had been keeping up with my blog. Who knew I had loyal readers a loyal reader in Canada?
  • It is hysterical concept that you only want to rip the eyes out of your opponent as you are playing them until they happen to beat you. Then, all of a sudden you become their biggest cheerleader and want them to go all the way and win the championship so you can feel better about losing to them.
  • I was really touched that sexy actorschmactor wrote an adorable little blog entry wishing me luck. He actually came out with the hopes of seeing me play on day two....even though he was a little late to the party and I had already lost. But, it is the thought that counts and I really appreciate all the nice comments and well wishes from him and everyone else.
Next post- The revelation.


Kevin said...

Wow. I had no idea that tennis held the meaning of life, but so it does.

And yeah, I hope you didn't mind me stopping out. I was only there for a total of about 7 minutes, so I tried not to interrupt your day too much. :)

Congrats on all your accomplishments this weekend!

Kendall said...

GREAT POST and Congratulations!

I loved the bitchy fashion exchange!

Lewis said...

Nothing wrong with coordinating strips on a well toned, beautiful, sinewy, striking man, is there? I'm sure that Kevin could, wait, he was there the 2nd day. (Eye candy, I presume.) I congratulate you....wholly and heartily. I've taken your lessons to heart. I'll try and do better! Promise.

MiKell said...

I ran to him and jumped into his arms, wrapped my legs around him right there on the court.

Quite possibly the gayest response, ever. Good thing you were where you were...Congratulations.

Devil you Know said...

Well thank goodness I was on the receiving end of a compliment! And btw the Under Armour didn't look THAT terrible. I was just concerned about the sponsorship deal..... Then again I'm a FILA / NIKE man...


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