Friday, April 27, 2007

.alt>rant and rave!

Spiderman 3.
Batman Returns 12.
Superman 7,000,000.

I am so over movie superheroes and the endless line of sequels.
I am so over everything.

The Rave!

7/11 has a new arrival. It's the white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie and you can find it along with the whole family of 7/11 cookies in the "bakery" that sits in the middle of each store. You grab a bag and pick n' choose and mix n' match the cookies you want.
It is surprising that Southland Corporation, the headquarters of 7/11, did not allow their number one cookie fan (me) a preview of the new arrival since I have been known to eat a couple of these gems from time to time.*
The white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie is not as good as their old faithful chocolate chip but light years better than the dreaded coconut pecan cookie. I only get that cookie if everything else is sold out. No chocolate chip, no oatmeal raisin, no peanut butter etc. The coconut pecan is like a tourniquet. To be used only at the last resort.

The good news is that 7/11 is making a big deal about the fact that these cookies have no trans fats- you know the stuff that we eat that we cant taste or understand but we are sure is killing us. They have rolled back the pricing so that a single cookie is now 49 cents instead of 59 cents. You get a discount based on the amount of cookies you purchase. I am usually good for 3, but since they no longer have trans fat what the hell I will start picking up four at a time.
How is that for rationalization?
Now instead of being filled with trans fat, I will just be.....fat.


Kevin said...

Yeah, you ... fat.

As if.

Kevin said...

Oh, and I'm guessing that means you won't be accompanying me to Spider-Man 3.

Your loss.

Steven said...

Or pick up 12 and have a meal? Or share with the unexpecting one. :-)

And now that they don't have trans-fat, you need to find out what they DO have that you SHOULDN'T have. ;-)

Kendall said...

i HATE sequels and am not a big fan of superhero movies anyway.

Dr. Sparky said...

So I take it this means our date to eat cookies and cuddle during Spiderman 3 are off?

Mike said...

Dr. Sparky we would have trouble sneaking those cookies into the theater anyway...they are BIG.

one3y3 said...

So was that you who torched the building here in Chicago where they're filming scenes for the next Batman? Shhhh... I won't tell.

Bobby said...

I like the sequel...

If I have invested in the characters, I like to see what happens next.

I have read the entire line of "Shopaholic" books because I cared about the main character Becky.

I just finished The Nanny Diaries and I want to know what happens to the little boy Nan was in charge of named Grayer.

Sequels are just our way of putting more of ourselves out there.

Don't hate on the sequals...

Bobby said...

Btw, Subway cookies are really good as well!

Bobby said...

When I am home over summer break we can go to Winter Park Village, grab cookies from the place across from the movie, you know the little tiny ones, and go see "our" movie if it is still out. Heck any movie with you will be fun cause it is "us" time!

dbv said...

what passes your lips ends up on your hips!!!

Mike said...

Bobby...just to clarify I am not "anti-sequel" (I am still waiting for the sequel of the "Titanic" where the ship is resurrected as well as Rose). I am just not a fan of Superhero sequels.

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