Saturday, April 28, 2007

.alt>idol- Lucky Bucky

Good Gawd Bucky! What the fucky!

When he was on American Idol I thought he was... kind of sucky.
Yet Bucky Covington is the latest American Idol NON winner to land a CD in Billboard's Top10. His self titled debut is "Bucky Covington" debuts at #4 on the Hot 200 album chart and debuts #1 on the country charts. You know how those country music fans are, they will listen and buy anything!

I guess it makes little difference whether you win or lose American Idol...the exposure helps you sell records. Wait I take that back. It seems it is better if you don't win American Idol. Case in point- winner Taylor Hicks. Remember him? Taylor is like the unwanted step child of AI. It is like the show is embarrassed about him. His album really didn't do much on the charts and can you even remember the name of his hit single? That was a trick question. Of course you can't! He hasn't had one. They didn't even let him perform during "Idol Gives Back" this week. Not very charitable.

Interesting fact-
At this point last year, there were nine Idol-related singles on the charts, including Bo’s “The Real Thing,” Kelly’s “Walk Away,” “Because of You,” and “Gone,” and Carrie’s “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” “Don’t Forget to Remember Me,” and “Before He Cheats.” George Huff (who?) and Josh Gracin also had singles on the charts.
This year, there are 16 singles, charting across nine different charts, a 43 percent increase.

Amazing. Not to mention all the artists who perform and mentor on the show and how the albums by the likes of Barry Manilow, Tony Bennett and Gwen Stefani see major sales spikes the week following their involvement on the show.

Which idolers are next on the horizon with new albums?
Well Kimberly Locke will be back May 1 with a new collection titled "Based on a True Story". Her single “Change”is already inching closer to the Top Ten on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart. It now sits at #11. There is a dance version of this song floating out in the clubs. My God did I dance to it and didn't realize it at the Parliament House two weeks ago? Go Kimberly! She is one of my fave alumnus.

Paris Bennett's Princess P follows on May 8.
After that it is Mandisa with her new single "Only One World" dropping on May 11, with the CD to follow on July 31.

And you know it's only a matter of time....
I can almost hear Sanjaya doing his vocal exercises...

Me, me me me MEEEEEEE!


Steve said...

I am proud to say that I have never watched that show. Never will. Don't hate. The only thing I know about it is what I see on the news, which begs the question: This is news?!? I work with a bunch of dolts that carry on and on about it - I thought that their review of the beg-a-thon they did the other night would never end. Oh yeah... I do know that that Taylor Hicks person, for a short time, had a short-lived career singing Ford truck jingles. (Disclaimer: This rant is not to be construed as some sort of put-down to the people who love that show... I just don't get it. )

Kendall said...

The "idol" haters always amuse me, whenever I mention AI on my blog I get comments about how they never watch.... but they always comment! LOL

I have no problem saying it, I watch American Idol, I have watched all 6 seasons, I have voted, I contributed to Idol gives back and will continue to do so.

I think American Idol has been great for the music scene and the sales that these artists have produced proves that point!

Michael said...

Kendall, I totally hear ya on the AI haters--they sure have a lot to say. That said, Bucky Covington??? WTF? Who'd a thunk it!

Josh said...

Have you heard the song I wonder by Kelli Pickler?

oh it will bring a tear to your eye!

I didnt watch her season, but I love her now!

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