Monday, March 19, 2007

The Monday Morning Mashup Vol 4-
Coldplay vs. The Temptations

Just in case you don't know what a mashup this.

Last week on American Idol contestant Chris Sligh attempted a Coldplay infused version of "Endless Love"- the Diana Ross/Lionel Ritchie classic. Though we give him an "A" for effort, it was kind of off. I think that particular ballad just wasn't suited for the arrangement. But this mashup of Coldplay's "Clocks" (2003) and The Temptations "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" (1971) works rather well. But you can judge for yourself.

Here is Chris Sligh's "Coldplay-ish" performance of "Endless Love" from American Idol last week:

Compare that to the mashup (you can snag it for a limited time!):

Coldplay vs. The Temptations
"Papa Was A Clock"


Kevin said...

Love it

Paul said...

OK ... here are elements I enjoy. I really like Coldplay, The Tempatatons, and Chris Sligh (his voice, not his fro). I found Chris's version of Endless Love captivating. I've been humming it for the past week.

Have a great Monday!

Dr. Sparky said...

I have a confession. I love your weekly mashups. Sometimes I come to your site just to listen.

dbv said...

what a great song... thanks for sharing!

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