Sunday, March 04, 2007

The altMike Monday Morning (ish) MashUp Vol 2
Gorillaz vs. The Killers

I didn't realize that "Somebody Told Me", the Killers first single in the US only reached #51 on the Billboard charts in 2002. I thought it got much higher (wow 2002 seems like just yesterday).
Our favorite virtual band Gorillaz faired better with their hit "Feel Good Inc." which reached #14 in 2005. Both singles were a lot stronger in the U.K.

I call this mashup "Somebody Told Me (to Feel Good)".
Preview from the player on the right ------->
Download if you like for a limited time only.

Buy: Gorillaz "Demon Days" CD featuring "Feel Good Inc." from
Buy: The Killers "Hot Fuss" CD featuring "Somebody Told Me" from

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Spider said...

I so wish I was young enough and cool enough to know WTF you are talking about...

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