Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Elliott where have you been!

Finally American Idol alumni Elliott Yamin is releasing some music. In fact, if you go to this website there's a free download of the acoustic version of his new track "You Are The One".
I always liked Elliott. I think he can vocally run circles around this one whose CD sales are plummeting quicker than the titanic.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard "Movin' on"? - download single at iTunes - Brad L

Paul said...

I was Elliott's biggest fan last year.

Unfortunately i haven't been real impressed with most of the things I'm hearing now.

NYCspinguy said...

Elliot was frugly.. I am like Simon.. American Idol's have to have a look!

I couldn't stand to look at him, his teeth were horrid, and well, eek!

It was all just so wrong last season!

The Thunderbird said...

I loved him. He should have won.

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