Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dear Ryan and Simon

How about putting an end to the humorless gay banter?
Ok ok we get it. You are friends. This is supposedly harmless wholesome fun. But you know what? I grew up with guys like you. What a throwback! On the playground. In school. In the locker room. And later on at work. It was usually the same drill. Guys like you who made fun of being gay, or try to embarrass others by suggesting they were gay...always seemed to be compensating for some shortage or inadequacy. Never failed. Childish stuff. How old are you guys anyway?
As a gay man it gets to be insulting. Jokes at the expense of others are not cool. Even though there is not a specific target, it is indeed a "below the radar screen" form of bigotry.

Or perhaps Thou Dost Protest too much?
It is getting more and more uncomfortable to watch this back and forth bump and grind between the two of you. Suggestion. If you are "gay curious" then get a room, give it a whirl, and get it out of your system one way or the other. But lets keep it out of the show that is known as"American Idol". Why?....because this is a singing competition....right?

Seacrest if you are gay this is a pretty lousy way to come out. Do us a favor. Don't bother.


Kevin said...

"But lets keep it out of the show that is known as"American Idol". Why?....because this is a singing competition....right?"

Oh, I thought it was because being gay is un-American! :)

Paul said...

Ryan opened himself up for the banter this week. He should never have asked Simon his opinion about the high heels.

I suspect that Simon is trying to out Ryan. Something that I strongly believe should never happen; Simon's an ass. If Ryan wants to be out, it's his business and he should do it on his own agenda.

However, as quick and smart as Ryan is, he WAS in control of that conversation.

1) If the show hadn't been live, I bet they would have cut that dialogue out.

2) It was obvious that Melinda was uncomfortable with the conversation. It looked like she couldn't believe it was happening. (I'm sure you've recorded it too. Go back and look at it closely.)

3) I was REALLY surprised that they showed part of the banter again on Thursday night's recap of the previous night. Surely the producers would not have done that without some discussion with Ryan.

I guess I just don't know what to think.

- - -

Unfortunately, I believe that gay slurs will always be part of playground and locker room jokes ... unless more gays become part of the mainstream culture.

- - -

OK. -- One weak performer gone. Let's keep clearing the deck. ... And we only do that by voting for those we like. (This show might be more fun if the public could vote someone off.)

Where's Elliott?

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