Friday, March 16, 2007

Someone is a mess

Actorschmactor must have had some time on his hands today. Taking the IMPORTANTWORDS from my blogger profile, he added his thoughts and humorous reflections next to each of them.... Thank you for the attention!


  • Intelligence - Something I'm obviously lacking if i
    actually sent you this list
  • Fitness – I’ve read about that …
  • Tennis – I should be good at any sport where LOVE = ZERO
  • Workout – as in “I don’t think it's going to…?”
  • Job – One of my favorite books in the Old Testament.
  • Jewish – meaning “kind of like a Jew … he’s Jew-ish.” – right?
  • Feet – prefer this to the metric system
  • Spin – right round, baby, right round
  • Israeli – an alternative to the normal spelling of the girl's name Israly
  • Italian – That’s-a one-a spicy-a meat-a-ball-a!
  • Dark – What I look best in.
  • Stamina – He played Uncle Jesse, right?
  • Tattoos – Lick.
  • Spiritual – well, I’m not gonna light candles and spin around like Stevie Nicks, if that’s what you mean
  • Humor – check
  • Eyes – From what I hear, they have it.
  • Sexy – I brought it back. (I saved my receipt.)
  • Hot – Sauce? Chocolate? To Trot? Too many options here.
  • Foreplay – Hmm, I’m not really a golfer except for putt-putt.
  • Abs – You mean my brake system?
  • Shaved – “There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum” – Dr. Evil
  • Sexy – umm, I think we covered this already
  • Figure skating – What would Brian Boitano do?
  • Responsible – since I was three …
  • Thick – I prefer to be called full-figured
  • Lips – They sang “Funkytown,” right?
  • Italy – That’s a lotsa mozzarella!
  • Smile – no comment
  • The Zone – it lies between the pit of man's fear, and the summit of his knowledge.
  • Pierced – Like I need another hole in my head … or in anything for that matter.
  • Confident – I’m confident I don’t need another hole in my … whatever.
  • Scruff – beats shaving everday … but wait, didn’t you say you liked shaved?
  • Flip flops – Those I’ll wear, thongs I won’t.


Paul said...

Are you sure it was only dinner?

You've gotta love a guy that can find so many common interests, so quickly.

Kevin said...

I actually have a few edits to this ... but alas ... it got posted right away. :)

altmike said...

Actually Kevin....why don't you send me your edited version :)

dbv said...

that's too clever!!!

Sorted said...

LOL, you're right, she is a MESS!! But, you gotta love her..

Bobby said...

back up bitches... he is mine!

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