Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Chipolte vs. Moes

While my fellow friends and bloggers write about weighty subjects such as life, love and death, I have decided to blog about my new favorite friend- the soft shell taco. My troll/friend Brad turned me on to them about 2 months ago and I haven't stopped eating them since. I am a very easy going guy when it comes to food. If it is good, fast and healthy I can eat the same thing like 20 times (no lie) a week with no problem. This is why I wasn't impressed with whats-his-face from the Subway sub commercials. So what that he eats the same thing every day of his life? So do I. I have my protein shake just about every morning, my Pei Wei Asian Chopped Chicken Salad (hold the rice sticks add a side of veggies) for dinner. And for lunch...well its back to my new friend- the soft shell taco.
Taco Bell is gross but Chipotle (I pronounce it incorrectly as Chi-pol-te) is hot. There is something about the sleek, metalic, stylized look and feel of a Chipotle that makes you feel...."upscale". Funny how you can feel classy as salsa comes streaming down your chin while scarfing your food down like it was your first meal after getting kicked off of "Survivor" in week 12. I can order 3 healthy soft shell tacos and still have enough pesos from a 10 dollar bill to stop for a "Marble Slab" chaser.

On the other hand, there is Moes. "Welcome to Moooooooooes!" is what the staff says when each and every customer walks in. They are sooooooooo friendly there. Boy it is irritating when you are in a piss poor mood from playing an extra shitty tennis match and you just want some quick grub and you hear that "Welcome to Mooooooooooes!" Not only that, even AFTER you hear your own personal "Welcome to Moooooooooes" you have to live it over and over again when every other customer comes in. The tacos at Moes are wrapped in Reynolds Wrap which I don't like. The tacos are bigger.....and may be a bit tastier than Chipotle....but they are definitely messier. In my "circle" (code:gay) a bit tastier is not worth it if the taco is a bit messier.
I like guacamole. I don't like the idea of paying extra for it. It seems so random. Will they decide tomorrow to charge extra for cheese, or sour cream? Why is guacamole so special? Both Chipotle and Moes charge extra for guac BUT....
a lot of times I get it no charge at Chipotle because I ask the "taco creator" to put the lettuce on top of the guac and usually the cashier doesn't see it. At Moes the cashiers are "guac nazis". I usually cant get a freebie there.
Moes gives you free chips (that are really good), Chipotle you have to pay for a brown lunch bag filled with chips.
I like the salsa options better at Moes...
The food tastes fresher at Moes.
But in a classic case of "Style vs. Substance" I would choose Chipotles over Moes though I can't pronounce it correctly worth a damn.

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