Thursday, November 09, 2006

at the deli

I can't stand the way Publix seals it's deli counter meats and cheeses. They do a great job of carving, stacking, and weighing....but why do so many of them fold the bag and place the sticker OVER the bag opening giving you an 87% chance of ripping the bag when you grab for your Arustica Chicken Breast or your Alpine Lace Low Fat Swiss Cheese?.. ..No matter how delicately you try to peel off the label YOU RIP THE BAG possibly exposing the meat to the SPOILING effects of air!
I am already neurotic about the expiration dates of foods. I usually throw food out 2 days before their end dates. (3 days for milk). I am not even sure how to adjust expiration dates to account for possible "air spoilage" from bag leakage.

Am I insane?


Spider said...

No - because that drive me crazy also... I ask them at the GP not to fold the top over and seal it with the price - just slap the price on the bag - and they are usually very happy to comply... actually, they just don't want to listen to me bitch...

Anonymous said...

I work at a Publix Deli, and we are specifically told not to do this by management nowadays, since #1: Publix doesn't care if you eat your food in the store, so long as you actually pay for it, so "sealing" the bag is a ridiculous proposition and #2: People like you form, oh, I'd say 100% of our customer base. Nobody wants their cheese or meat to spoil, and if you're ordering like four different 1 pound slice bags, those things are going to have to keep for four or five days each at the very least. You don't want your hard salami to actually be hard when you eat it.

So yeah, Publix doesn't do this anymore. Thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

I work at a Publix deli and we are told to do this so the meat or cheese doesn't come flying out of an unsealed bag at the checkout counter.

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