Monday, April 09, 2007

.alt>politics- stoopid dint wurk um fer gur

We are dumber in the U.S. than we used to be.

Sometime during the last couple of years "The View" has become must-see-TV.
The U.S. is doing bad things all over the world. We stopped being responsible.
We can't even answer the question "paper or plastic" right.
We need help.
We need Al Gore to be our next President.

Stupid didn't work. We know that now. We also know that Al Gore is smart. He told us the world was going to get warmer and the ice was going to melt and if we didn't do anything about it all hell would break loose. Hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis oh my! This is not the time to take a chance with anyone who isn't proven. Anyone who might even possibly be dumb.

Al Gore told us what we were to expect down the road and even though many labeled him a quack he stuck to his guns. He has offered solutions. Sounds like a leader to me.
I think the Republicans are bad but now I am wondering about the Democrats. I have waited for Hillary and Barack to tell me what they truly think, what they stand for....anything. And I have learned....nothing. Too much time has passed since the day they told us they wanted to be President. All they seem to be doing is raising money. There is a chance they may be dumb also. We need Al.

He will run if we tell him too. I believe that because he is a leader and he doesn't want the world to blow up. He probably wants to make sure that if he is elected, like he was once before, that he will actually get to be President this time. That sounds reasonable.

I want to be smarter than a fifth grader. I want to question the answers on Jeopardy.
I want to live.

We need Al Gore.


Kevin said...

I don't know much about politics ... but let me think about this ...

Al Gore ...

... Gore Vidal ...

... Vidal Sassoon ...

I'm in favor of helping my hair look younger too. Go AL GORE!

Yay, I'm smart, am I?

Kendall said...

I don't know if Gore is the answer, but I wouldn't mind seeing him get in the race.

One thing is certain WHOEVER wins will be better than the terrorist in Chief who we have spent the last 7 years with.

somewhere joe said...

Gore 08! Al may be the only one who can restore the presidency and the nation.

PM said...

Hmm....let me pull my soul from the pits of despair for a second while I ponder this...yeah, I'd vote for him. Or Edwards. But Feingold really gets me hot...

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