Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rosie leaving "The View"

Rosie will announce her resignation on today's "The View". This story was first brought to our attention by .alt>mike chief New York correspondent "Bobby In the City" this morning at 7am. Bobby may be old...but he still sharp as a tack.

Sad sad. I feel sad because I love Rosie and I feel sad because she just can't seem to settle down and enjoy the success.


Kendall said...

I'm not sad....glad to see her go!

Bobby said...

Don't count her out!

Lewis said...

I think she should take all of us on an RSVP cruise for as a consolation prize.

Kevin said...

There's having AN opinion and there's having THE ONLY opinion. I never watched The View (and I hope to keep it that way), but for what I heard, she would just plow everyone over with her opinions, and ignore anyone who disagreed.

It's give and take -- I don't like people who only see ONE side, even if it's the same one I see.

Especially when one is trying to promote open-mindedness, it's a tad hypocritical.

Mike said...

Actually Kevin Rosie did plow everyone first. Then she did a better job (most of the time) of really acting as moderator. Elizabeth Hasalback on the show is very conservative and Rosie usually let her speak her mind although Eliz often made a fool of herself.

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