Friday, April 20, 2007

ALTernating channels- Rosie Gives Up

Say what you will about Rosie but I love her.
For me it was a very sad moment on "The View" when she basically threw her hands up the morning after the Virginia Tech massacre and said
"We will never have gun control in this country".

When Rosie gives up, it isn't a good.


Steven said...

Gun control to the extent that Britain and Australia have gone (completely outlawing handguns) is what is necessary. The Constitution's intent was not what we are seeing today, IMHO. The phrase the "right to bear arms" has been so massaged over. I hope this issue doesn't create too much of a divide in the US, but this needs to be addressed, sooner rather than later. :-(

Lewis said...

She's not giving up, but she's totally being realistic. Same with many other issues. This nation is not ready for gun control or gay marriage. Many of us live in little bubbles on the coasts or in big cities where things are beautiful and tolerant. But we forget that there is a HUGE chunk of our country in between that consists of die hard fans of gun rights and man-woman marriages. That's the harsh reality.

MiKell said...

It's funny how hypocritical she is on the idea of gun "control". She's FOR it, but against the "thought police". What we have realized in this particular case, is that it is words that drove him to kill all of those innocent people. Well, that and the fact that he was crazy whacko insane.

Words and thoughts kill more people than guns, but you don't hear people wanting to ban them.... much.

** Full disclosure: I love Rosie and do not own a gun, rifle, pistol, or anything sharper than a steak knife.

Bobby said...

Everyone has the right to say exactly what they think. Just because we have the right to freedom of speech in the work place. People need to learn appropriate work conversations.

I don't believe that ethnic groups have "ownership" of words. If they are inappropriate for one, they are for all.

Even with this horrible tragedy there will not be a change in gun control laws. The all mighty dollar speaks louder than anything. Heck, we are at war in the middle east and be not fooled, it isn't about security, it is about oil.

You have to wonder about Americans. They tend to be more self-absorbed than most and definitely feel they are more entitled than most.

But like I always say, "What are you gonna do???

Mike.. help me down, my soap box was a little high today!

altmike said...

Actually Bobby stay up there! Good thought....made us think.

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