Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mike's Monday Morning MashUp Vol 3-

Blondie Vs. The Doors

Blondie Vs The Doors- Rapture Riders


Happy to report that mini Y2K did not wreak the havoc on my computer as I was expecting. My Blackberry was off an hour but my buddy Brad sent me a patch to fix that.

So I had no excuse but to have your Monday morning MashUp ready to go. Since last weeks Killers vs. the Gorrilaz went over like a lead balloon (guess you don't like the newer music), I have gone back in time to find you a fantastic retro mix of two classics. Blondie (Deborah Harry) vs. The Doors (Jim Morrison). Could you imagine how hot there offspring would be? Anyway, hope you like RIDERS RAPTURE.


Lewis said...

Hey'll be so great to meet you...I've only just discovered your blog.....
As for your post today, remember that I'm from Idaho....radios, electricity, music were not around when I was a youngster. And, thus, I know nothing! See you tomorrow night!

Paul said...

I've listened to your mashups each week. I'm still trying to figure out, "who thinks of these combos?"

Jim and Deborah's offspring? Riders in the Storm always was a great "Let's get and naked and f**K" song!

Kevin said...

I finally was able to listen to this ... I kind of like it. But is there any way for me to go back and listen to the last one? I found the post but no more audio link. :(

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