Monday, March 26, 2007

,alt> Mashup of the Week- Pink vs. Billy Idol

This is the new banner that will indicate that it is time for Mike's .alt> Mashup of the Week.
Do you get it?

I am not exactly wild about this week's mashup but I promised you Billy Idol and Pink so it's "Pink Wedding" taking riff of "White Wedding" mixing it up with "Get the Party Started" and there you have it.

Pink vs. Billy Idol Pink Wedding"

I have tennis on my mind so you will get some of my thoughts about the 2007 Sony Ericsson Tennis Open that I attended in Miami this past weekend and share with you my preparation for the next tournament I will be playing here in Orlando in just 2 weeks mercy me. Why? Because I want you to know what I am going through for goodness sake don't make me go this one alone!
Glad to be back home missed you all desperately and feverishly reading and trying to catch up with all your blogs....
I will have more for you hopefully later tonight....

Rock on with Billy and Pink


Sorted said...

Glad you are home safe. Hope you had a great time. Was our mutual friend there with his partner???

Have a great week!

Paul said...

Hey, Mike .. I think I've discovered the magic of mashups ... they increase the odds to 50/50 that you might like the music.

I want to know if you've begun thinking about what you'll wear in the tournament.

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