Thursday, February 15, 2007

They Are Always Around

While driving in downtown Orlando suburbia today I stumbled upon an intersection which had the following message posted in sign form overhead:
"No right on red when children are present".

A joke?
Aren't children always around?
I certainly felt their "presence" when they were sitting behind me on Flight 798 Las Vegas to Orlando last Tuesday kicking my seat like there was no tomorrow.


Spider said...

The little fuckers should not be allowed on airplanes - AirTran had the right idea!

Alan said...

They were only kicking your seat? Lucky you. Usually at least one of them has no concept of "indoor voice" and I'm ready to commit childcide (that's a word, isn't it?) somewhere over Oklahoma.

NYCspinguy said...

See, being a school teacher and a person who is developing the NYC attitude, I have NO TROUBLE turning to a parent and saying, "do you want to control your child or should I?..."

Try it, it works!

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