Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Greatest Songs You've Never Heard Before- Vol 1

There are great pop songs out there that never made it anywhere close to the top of the charts because of bad timing, bad production, bad marketing, the wrong singer, etc. etc.

What if these unfortunate melodic mishaps were given a second lease on life? Every so often I will feature a "musical misfire" and suggest the artist that might resuscitate the "left for dead" track.

Take for example the none-hit wonder Milira. "Go Outside In the Rain" was featured on her self titled debut album which probably sold like 3 copies in 1989. Other notables off this cd are versions of Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me" as well as "Until You Come Back To Me" originally recorded by Aretha Franklin . These soul classic renditions are just so-so, and the production on "Rain" is entirely heavy handed. I also didn't like her interpretations of most of the songs on the CD- entirely too jazzy for the subject matter. Still the melody line and lyrics of "Go Outside In the Rain" shine through I dig the words " I wanna go outside in the rain, so no one no one no one no one can see me crying." A great vision.

Fast forward to 2007.... Jennifer Hudson can you hear me? Listen this ain't no dream girl. Take your diva self and record this song. Make it a hit!

Milira- Go Outside In the Rain

Milira from

PS I will add writing credits for the song but currently they are no where to be found.


NYCspinguy said...

Speaking of Divas... DON'T LAUGH.. I ordered the new Diana Ross CD - I LOVE YOU and I am SO waiting for it!

Spider said...

Diana has a new album - OK, who has been withholding information from me...

1&onlytony said...

What's this girl's name?


and you have your nerve teasing me about Vonda Shepard and Wendy Matthews!

Hypocrite! :) T..

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