Saturday, December 23, 2006

This Week in Pop Culture (in one sentence)

Oprah and Steadman moving in together but we were thinking she was a lesbian like Rosie who goes off on Donald and he makes an ass of himself fighting back because of Tara Conners almost losing her Miss USA tiara for partying too hard with celebrities like Justin Timberlake who tore it up on SNL doing "Dick in a box" while his song "My Love" is number 5 song on Billboard Hot 100 and Miss Beyonce still strong at #1 with "Irreplaceable" and her movie Dreamgirls opens in major cities only with 25 dollar tickets just think that is half the price of what tickets were selling for at the beginning of the week for the new hot show on broadway "Spring Awakenings" which got rave reviews across the board and since ticket demand (and prices) have skyrocketed to $111.25 for orchestra seats.


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Well thats some verbal diarrhea

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