Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hey Gerald...Thanks for nothing

Dear President Ford,

So now it appears, according to Bob Woodward, that you disagreed with the White House's entire Iraq war policy as early as July 2004 but didn't want your feelings known till after your death.
Thanks a lot Gerald.
If this is offensive, pardon me President Ford. It just feels like another case of the Republican "good ole boy" thing where it would have been more important for you to stay silent on behalf of the "cheney-of-command" than to speak up for the country.

Perhaps you were afraid that in voicing your true opinions you were going to have to pay the price that others did just months before?

The more I think about it the more my blood boils. Your voice, a couple of years ago could have possibly changed the course of this bloody mess we are in.

Well it's not all bad Gerald. At least you married well.

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Anonymous said...

its called class. go get some.

Liberal or Conservative it shouldn't matter, Ford knows how tough being the leader of the free world is. Pres. Carter acts like some offended school girl and nobody listens to him anymore. Pres.Clinton sure didn't???

I guarantee you that when Pres. Ford called up a successor president, even a mild comment like "i am concerned about..." is listened to.

I suspect that if President Ford had some actual constructive proposition about Iraq we'd have that on the table now...

Think about it...
"A harsh voice stirs up sand, but a gentle breeze can start a hurricane"

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